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Bonnie Ringo

Bonnie Ringo of the Tiger Preservation Center If you have ever heard of the Tiger Preservation Center it’s probably because they send out professionally created funding appeals, despite the fact that no one in the legitimate sanctuary community appears to have ever heard of her rescuing a cat.  Craig Busch had […]

Vicenta Pages

Vicenta Pages Circus Act CIRCUS PAGES INTERNATIONAL INC Customer No: 3093 Certificate No: 58-C-0440 Certificate Status: ACTIVE Status Date: Aug 14, 1991 Photos by Cassandra Grzybowski Circus Carnies Always Say They Are Loved by Their Big Cats If so, why do the cats try to kill their trainers? Notice how […]

2014 USDA citations

Browns Oakridge Zoo

Brown’s Oakridge Zoo is a privately-owned backyard menagerie, big cat breeder, and cub-petting operation in rural Smithfield, Illinois. They don’t have the publicity of some exploiters, but they’re every bit as bad, in our opinion, and the sad part is that nearby residents, news reporters, and even local governments and […]