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Posted on Jun 9, 2011 in Browse by Name | 0 comments

EARS Jaye Perrett Gail Bowen

EARS Jaye Perrett Gail Bowen

All one has to do is surf YouTube to find these two acting reckless with tigers and exposing others to danger as they try to give an adult tiger a bubble bath.

They may operate under the name Imperial Farms in FL.  Animal abusers and exploiters have pushed hard to have Jaye Perrett chosen Animal Planet Hero of the Year, but she did not succeed in 2009 or 2010.  It is not clear why the bad guys like her so much as she does not appear to breed, buy or sell exotic animals.


EARS Officer Prevents USDA Inspection

Jaye Perrett screaming at a white tiger

Jaye Perrett bathing a tiger with two other people exposed to danger in the cage as well

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