Doug Terranova of Animal Encounters

Doug Terranova of Animal Encounters was accused of mishandling resulting in cub deaths as well in his traveling act in USDA Docket Nos. 09-0155 and 10-0418. Terranova was fined $25,000 in 2011 for severe violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

In 2015 USDA sued Doug Terranova







News-Animal Trainer Faces USDA Sanctions

His traveling companion, Joe Schreibvogel, is under investigation by the USDA for 23 tiger cubs who died over an 18 month period.

At the 2012 Mississippi Valley Fair the fair’s vet found Joe Schreibvogel’s tiger cub to be suffering diarrhea severely enough to warrant prescribing Albon which is typically used to treat bacterial and coccidial infections.

On his live broadcast Joe Schreibvogel said that he blamed it on a change in formula, but you should know that he uses that as his standard answer.  In fact, the USDA is still investigating him for the deaths of 23 tiger cubs in an 18 month period.  He claimed it was the formula, but the FDA said the formula was fine and the necropsy report showed aspiration pneumonia and did not fault the formula.


9/1/2015  Shriner and head of “Fun Time Shows” Bill Cunningham confronts Shriner President, Doug Terranova, and joins forces with PETA to stop using wild animals at the Shrine Circus  Cunningham calls the acts abusive and vows to educate the public about the cruelty of taking wild animals on the road for shows.

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