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Every time I post anything good that PeTA has done, I get slammed with all of the “PeTA kills” crazies, so I did some research and this is a great one to tuck away for that argument. It’s really long, but well done.  If you are someone who has […]

Zookeepers Wife Movie

The Zookeeper’s Wife

The Zookeeper’s Wife Movie The Zookeeper’s Wife movie was filmed in Prague, and the animals came from Ludvík Berousek, a breeder and trainer who rents out exotic animals for film shoots. Berousek runs a private zoo, Zoopark Doksy, where guests can pay to hold big cat cubs. He is also […]

Vicenta Pages

Vicenta Pages Circus Act CIRCUS PAGES INTERNATIONAL INC Customer No: 3093 Certificate No: 58-C-0440 Certificate Status: ACTIVE Status Date: Aug 14, 1991 Photos by Cassandra Grzybowski Circus Carnies Always Say They Are Loved by Their Big Cats If so, why do the cats try to kill their trainers? Notice how […]

Carson Springs Geoffroy Kittens Restaurant

Carson Springs Christina Janks

A concerned supporter recently contacted Big Cat Rescue about the Paramount Grill restaurant in Gainesville, Florida. The restaurant is scheduled to host a fundraiser for Carson Springs Wildlife Conservation Foundation on August 20th, 2016. Carson Springs is a pseudo-sanctuary that in our view mistreats and exploits exotic cats by taking […]