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Cub pimps

Bearizona Sean and Dennis Casey

Bearizona is owned by Sean and Dennis Casey.[i] Other Casey family members own Bear Country USA in South Dakota. There was a family feud over finances/power structure that led Sean and Dennis to leave Bear Country USA and start their own bear attraction in Arizona.[ii] The South Dakota facility had previously […]

Mia and the White Lion

Mia and the White Lion – BOYCOTT This Appalling and Highly Ironic Movie about the Exploitation of Lion Cubs…That Exploits Lion Cubs to Make the Movie!  Mia and the White Lion is a french film by director Gilles de Maistre. It was released in France in January 2019 and then in […]


Every time I post anything good that PeTA has done, I get slammed with all of the “PeTA kills” crazies, so I did some research and this is a great one to tuck away for that argument. It’s really long, but well done.  If you are someone who has […]

Zookeepers Wife Movie

The Zookeeper’s Wife

The Zookeeper’s Wife Movie The Zookeeper’s Wife movie was filmed in Prague, and the animals came from Ludvík Berousek, a breeder and trainer who rents out exotic animals for film shoots. Berousek runs a private zoo, Zoopark Doksy, where guests can pay to hold big cat cubs. He is also […]