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Big Cat Derek

Big Cat Derek

Posing with Cubs Drives Most of the Abuse

People are so desperate to be seen as special that they will post photos and videos of themselves handling big cats and their cubs; as if that were proof that they possess some special gift.  All it proves is that they care more about their ego than doing what is right for the cats.  Find out more about that at

What’s Up with Big Cat Derek?

We’ve all seen his Youtube videos and Vines, and assumed he was just another stupid “pet” owner. We didn’t even know he represented a non accredited “sanctuary” until now.

They used to breed and board big cats in the past (some of the facility’s older residents were born there), but now, they seem to be trying their best to be a responsible sanctuary, except for allowing the reckless behavior of Big Cat Derek.

USDA doesn’t note any real concerns or citations regarding their animal care.

That said, there are definitely some things about CARE that we don’t personally agree with, one of them being the popular social media posts showing volunteers (especially BigCatDerek, who is becoming a social media celebrity a la Eduardo Serio) playing with baby lions and tigers in a home and treating them like pets.

Although CARE says it doesn’t breed cats anymore (the cubs were supposedly rescues), and the attention is bringing in funds to the sanctuary, that’s still not the kind of thing that should be promoted.  You have to wonder why there seem to be so many cubs when the bad guys don’t get rid of them until they can’t be used as handling props any more.  If CARE is just letting cub pimps use them as a dumping ground and not requiring that they stop breeding, then that’s not really helping the cats any.

Quite a few of BigCatDerek’s fans also like BJWT because they think that hands-on contact with cute cubs is what a “good sanctuary” does. To that end, there are still a few older pictures on CARE’s site of volunteers and friends petting and posing with big cats before they changed their ways.

We also question the safety of CARE’s enclosures, not for the cats, but for the people around them. As you can see in this photo of a tour group, there’s no perimeter fence around most walls on the enclosures, so impulsive guests can, and have, stuck fingers/hands through the fencing in an attempt to touch the cats.

And why not, when guests can take photos of their guide doing it?

APHIS has scolded CARE for this, and there are plenty of pictures on CARE’s website of interns and other “friends” touching tigers and lions through the fence.

USDA Citation for Improper Handling

We’ve been told there are 40 cats on 20 acres and the cages look pretty small and barren in most cases.  CARE is not accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and does not help with legislation to end the abuse of big cats, as far as we can tell.

It’s a shame because Derek is pretty entertaining and could be a real spokesman for ending big cat abuse, if he weren’t posing with the cats which makes other people want to pay to play with the cubs too.

Our opinion is that you are either trying to stop the abuse by speaking out against cub handling or you are promoting cub pimping schemes when you post images of yourself playing with wild cats who should never be bred to be held captive.


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Zootastic Troutman NC

Zootastic Troutman NC

Zootastic Pimps Out Big Cat Cubs

It’s 2016 and Zootastic is still pimping out cubs.

My son and I visited Zootastic Park at 448 Pilch Rd, Troutman, NC, 28166 this past Saturday, September 17th, and we saw some things with their big cats that concern us terribly.  We did the Tiger Cub Encounter and the white tiger cub named Thor appears to have something wrong on his skin.  I wasn’t sure what it was, but had some suspicions.    Thor was also very hoarse when he talked.  I thought he sounded very strained and he cried out often and appeared very distressed and stressed out.

Also of concern, out in the park where they have their new enclosure for the tigers, they have a sickly looking Li-Liger Cub (I asked the keeper/handler on my encounter about this animal) and he said the animal belonged to someone else, but they are doing the best they could for him. He has close to no hair and his skin looks awful.  He is also being tormented by an adult white tiger female in that same enclosure.  I saw her grab him by the neck and get on top of him to show him she was boss.  She did it many times and swatted at him.  Before I left, he decided to fight back and show her he was tired of it.  Very, very disturbing to witness.  They have NO WHERE to go to get away from the torment!  And this poor little guy also has an open wound on top of one his paws.

I sent this info and photos to Carole Baskin at Big Cat Rescue to take a look at because I know she’s an expert on the big cats.  She believes it may either be Ringworm or Mange on Thor the cub.   This is a huge problem because they allowed us to touch the cub!  I have cats at home and this would be devastating to bring home.  For the Li-Liger cub, she said it looks like Mange.   I am requesting that you have an Inspector sent out to Zootastic Park right away to investigate these issues.  Please.  If the cub has Ringworm or Mange, as you know both are highly contagious,  then this is a huge public health risk!   The public can touch the animal.  I told Carole  I was told that Thor is 12 weeks old and they got him at 3 weeks of age she said that means the cub was sold AFTER it became illegal to take the cubs from their moms for handling before they are 4 weeks of age (see the USDA below).  If the cub was transferred across state lines at 3 weeks and money changed hands, then it was a violation of the USFWS rule below.

4/5/2016 USFWS announced that they are rescinding the generic tiger loophole. Big Cat Rescue has been pressuring the USFWS since at least 2007 to rescind this loophole and on 8/22/11 after a meeting with the USFWS the Generic Tiger issue was published to the Federal Register for public comment and got over 15,000 comments in support of our request to ban the breeding of non purebred tigers. Read more:

4/3/2016 USDA cracks down on abuse of cubs under the age of four weeks.  In response to a 2012 legal petition filed by The Humane Society of the United States, World Wildlife Fund, Detroit Zoological Society, International Fund for Animal Welfare, Born Free USA, Big Cat Rescue, Fund for Animals and Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, the U.S. Department of Agriculture issued guidance making clear that exhibitors violate the Animal Welfare Act by allowing members of the public to handle or feed infant exotic cats like tigers, lions, cheetahs, jaguars or leopards.  Read more:

Please take a look at these photos and video I took of Thor the White Tiger cub and photos of the Li-Liger cub.  Thank you so much for your time and concern!

liliger at Zootastic 2016

This mangey looking cub was being tormented by bigger tigers in the cage

liliger tormented by tiger at Zootastic 2016

This might be the worst case of mange or ringworm we’ve ever seen

White tiger cub Thor at Zootastic 2016

The spots on his legs, chest, belly, face, toes and read end look like ringworm

White tiger cub Thor at Zootastic 2016

Despite an obvious skin condition this cub is being pimped out as a pay to play object

Name Withheld

USDA Citations 2014 – 2016

Customer No:	 44266
Certificate No:	 55-C-0272
Jul 05, 2016
Direct:		 1
Non-Critical:	 7
Critical:	 0
Animal:		 194

Zootastic 2016-07-acis3
Customer No:	 44266
Certificate No:	 55-C-0272
Nov 16, 2015
Direct:		 0
Non-Critical:	 0
Critical:	 0
Animal:		 194

Zootastic 2015-05-acis3
Customer No:	 44266
Certificate No:	 55-C-0272
May 19, 2015
Direct:		 0
Non-Critical:	 4
Critical:	 0
Animal:		 172

Zootastic 2015-03-acis3
Customer No:	 44266
Certificate No:	 55-C-0272
Mar 13, 2015
Direct:		 0
Non-Critical:	 1
Critical:	 0
Animal:		 2

Zootastic 2015-02-acis3
Customer No:	 44266
Certificate No:	 55-C-0272
Feb 11, 2015
Direct:		 0
Non-Critical:	 1
Critical:	 0
Animal:		 213

Customer No:	 44266
Certificate No:	 55-C-0272
Dec 30, 2014
Direct:		 0
Non-Critical:	 0
Critical:	 0
Animal:		 2

Zootastic 2014-11-acis3
Customer No:	 44266
Certificate No:	 55-C-0272
Nov 05, 2014
Direct:		 0
Non-Critical:	 4
Critical:	 0
Animal:		 21

Back in 2014

It has been reported that Zootastic, in Troutman, NC is charging people to play and pose with big cat cubs.  As usual, these kinds of operators insist that they are “legit” and that they are breeding for conservation and that paying them to play with cubs will result in conservation and a lovely life for the cubs when they grow up and are sent to undisclosed, other facilities.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

These USDA inspection reports show continuing violations of animal welfare standards and when the cubs are sent to other places you can be sure they will be equally as bad or worse.  No legitimate facility would allow Zootastic to continue to exploit cubs and then dump last year’s babies on them.  That just perpetuates abuse.

Zootastic-10-2014-11-29 at 8.27.31 AM

Zootastic-11-2014-11-29 at 8.27.19 AM

Zootastic-14-2014-11-29 at 8.26.45 AM


Zootastic-2014-11-29 at 8.26.08 AM










As soon as they opened, in 2012, they were exploiting cubs


Last holiday hoorah at Zootastic Park

Although the holiday is over, and 2012 is undeniably under way, Zootastic Park, one of the region’s more unique attractions, wants to stretch that holiday feeling for a little bit longer.

The park’s operators say, given the difficult economy, they want to give back to the community for its support of the zoo throughout the year. As a final present under the tree, Zootastic is holding over its “Wonderland of Lights” spectacular for one last time.

One of the largest holiday lights displays in the area, Zootastic will flip the switch back on Saturday, Jan. 7, from 6 to 10 p.m. Admission to the display is free.

With more than 1.5 million lights along the two-mile drive, the display concludes with a computerized light show in Zootastic’s “Western Town.” After viewing the lights, visitors are invited to enter the zoo to visit the animals. There will also be opportunities to have pictures taken with Zootastic’s baby tiger cub, ride a pony and more.

The Christmas Wonderland of Lights is located off I-77 at Exit 42 between Mooresville and Troutman. From I-77 North, turn left off the exit ramp and then right on Ostwalt-Amity Road. Zootastic Park is one mile further on the left.

The park will open for its pre-season on March 3. For more information, call 704-245-6446 or 888-966-0069 or visit

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Fur-Ever Wild Teresa Petter

Fur-Ever Wild Teresa Petter

Fur-Ever Wild (license # 41-C-0125) is awful, in our opinion, to say the least, and we have found some very damning evidence suggesting that they do “pelt” their cats when the fur market is right.

Starting at page 7, this document contains their game farm activity reports from the last few years. These records show how many animals of each species die (i.e. were slaughtered) at the farm each year. According to these records, 2 bobcats were killed from 2013-14, and one lynx was purchased and slaughtered that same year. During virtually every previous year on record, a handful of bobcats, lynx, and even the occasional mountain lion were slaughtered and sold.

Continue in that same PDF and you’ll find a detailed 2012 court interview with Ms. Petter that contains everything you’d ever want to know about her operation. On page 29, Petter admits that every animal on her property is bred for fur. Even her horses are “sold for meat and taxidermy.” And although Petter often claims on Fur-Ever Wild’s Facebook page that only animals which die of “natural causes” are used for fur, this interview confirms that she instead waits until the winter, when the pelts are the nicest, then slaughters and skins the animals in her barn (animals which die of natural causes aren’t typically wanted by fur buyers).

At the time of this interview, Petter had 6 cougars, including one “breeder” male that was never on display to the public (some of the barns housing “breeder” animals and pelting operations are strictly off-limits to the public, for obvious reasons). The cougars apparently had 4 stillborn litters until Petter could figure out how to breed them properly.

Disturbingly, that interview also reveals that fur products (like fox faces, tails, etc.) are (or were) sold during Fur-Ever Wild’s family-friendly events, like their Halloween party or their Christmas light display. So you could bring your kids to view and pet cute baby wolves and foxes, then go and buy that species’ dismembered body parts on the same property.

How disgusting is that?

If that document wasn’t enough, this blog post connects a few more dots about the whole operation.

And this Facebook page has been keeping tabs on Fur-Ever Wild and contains links to other news articles/documents, as well as a photo of the horrific “bone pile” behind the petting zoo.

Deposition of Teresa Petter:  Teresa Petter Deposition

Petter won’t say how many animals she has. But U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspection records from June 2015 note 136 animals, ranging from prairie dogs to pumas. Among them are 38 gray wolves, 18 red foxes and five bobcats.

According to the USDA, Fur-Ever Wild has had 15 instances of noncompliance since 2012, including one warning about exhibiting cougar cubs before vaccination. Other records pointed to animals’ lack of access to water.

News about Terri Petter’s Pets to Pelts program and other offenses:


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Camelottaspots Bengal and Savannah Cattery

Camelottaspots Bengal and Savannah Cattery

Chris and Arden Morley

860 Quail Crest RD
Kingman AZ 86409

Name they go by for their business is

Exotic Heritage Cat Association of America

Ever wonder what a hybrid breeder’s facilities are like?  Here is one eye witness account of Camelottaspots Bengal and Savannah Cats:

“I’m hoping you can help me with 8 serval cats that are in need of rescue from Arizona. These poor cats are being kept by 2 people that claim they use them for breeding and have the rights to keep them. But I know first hand after working for them that these poor cats need to be saved. Right now they are locked in a 8’x8′ cage at all times. Only time they see anyone is when they are fed 1 a day or their cage gets cleaned…

They are kept on concrete floors so they have leg and feet problems and need help. There is a few that are real bad with feet problems and I’m so worried about how these cats are cared for. Please help me save them!! They deserve to live their lives with people who care about them and not see them as a $ sign.

I was working the up until yesterday when the couple would not pay me for my time. They would not allow us to take photos talk about their business nothing after I started. I thought all that was odd.

They also have 12 Savanna cats there too.

There are many other cats there also. There are over 300 house cats at this place. Some in the main house where they breed and sell the kittens. The rest are kept down back in a building they call the shelter or the outside pens. Just in the outside pens there are over 112 cats. The shelter has even more close to 150 cats. The main house has over 80 cats and kittens.

We just know this not ok and we want to help all these animals have a better life. – name withheld

Camelottaspots-Serval-9 Camelottaspots-Serval-8 Camelottaspots-Serval-7 Camelottaspots-Serval-6 Camelottaspots-Serval-5 Camelottaspots-Serval-3 Camelottaspots-Serval-2 Camelottaspots-Serval-1 Camelottaspots




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Mark Schoebel Timbavati Wildlife Park fka R-Zoo

Mark Schoebel Timbavati Wildlife Park fka R-Zoo

Mark Schoebel Timbavati Wildlife Park fka R-Zoo

Legal Name (DBA):
Customer No: 2424
Certificate No: 35-B-0033
Certificate Status: ACTIVE
Status Date: Jan 2, 1960

2011 Census of Timbavati Wildlife Park aka R-Zoo


Mark Schoebel plead guilty to several wildlife trafficking offenses in 1986, the worst being trafficking bears for their gallbladders. He would apparently breed the bears, use them for petting/photos, then sell them to a friend who killed and dismembered them before shipping the carcasses to Korea, where the gallbaldder was used as a “medicinal” remedy. His plea agreement for that case starts on page 5 of this pdf.  wi-markschoebel2001

We believe he paid a fine and was put on probation as punishment for the charges.

He also sold tigers to Kapp and Lantz of Operation Snowplow infamy, but wasn’t charged in that investigation because he claimed that he didn’t know the buyers planned on killing the cats. Which may be true, but given his previous history, you have to wonder if he actually “didn’t know”, or if he would have even cared.

The following is an excerpt from Stewart Metz, M.D. on

Let’s look at the facts. Schoebel has been an animal “broker” for decades, trading or selling animals (some exotic, rare, and highly endangered) between individuals and between organizations including zoos. He has also provided animals for canned hunts. A “canned hunt” is essentially a cowardly form of animal assassination; animals are hunted not in the wild but in restricted areas where hunters can be virtually guaranteed a “kill”. No kill, no pay! Note that the American Zoo and Aquarium Association (with which the Irvine Park Zoo is, not surprisingly, unaffiliated) specifically states that “animals shall not be disposed of to organizations…that allow the hunting of these animals or their offspring” (AZA Acquistion/Disposition Policy). Yes, indeed, Mr. Schoebel “takes care” of his animals!

The rap sheet of alleged offences committed by Schoebel is as long as my arm. Much of it is documented in Alan Green’s highly acclaimed book Animal Underworld: Inside America’s Black Market in Rare and Exotic Species, winner (in 1999) of the award for best investigative book from the National Conference of Investigative Reporters and Editors. Astonishingly, Schoebel is mentioned at least 13 times in that book. More outrageous is the alleged “cozy” relationship between Schoebel and the Irvine Park Zoo! To quote Green (pp. xxii-xxiii):

“For as long as anyone can remember,the Irvine Park Zoo in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin has a curious relationship with Mark Schoebel…Babies are born at the small municipal zoo…No one but Schoebel seems to know where the animals go when he takes them away. For years city officials would not say….City officials have been reluctant to Discuss the matter publicly. Members of the local zoological society once requested documents that might have exposed the exact nature of the arrangement but the parks and recreation department [ie, Flaherty’s department] at first stonewalled and then imposed search and copying fees so high they put the documents out of reach. What’s more, the zookeepers were ordered to not discuss Schoebel’s
activities with anyone….Wisconsin zoos actually protect Schoebel, a state wildlife official says.”

The stench of a possible cover-up seems to be beginning to waft and may well help to explain why everyone involved in the case of these parrots is not talking–or explaining!

So what offences has Schoebel committed, or been alleged to commit, that are so repugnant? Well, among them is the following. In 1986, he was accused of using his infamous “R-Zoo” to illegally transport bears and other wildlife across state lines (Green, p. xv).

“Evidence gathered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service revealed that Schoebel ad supplied bears to the owner of an Illinois game farm who was charged with shooting the animals, dismembering and decapitating them, packing the carcasses in dry ice and shipping them…to Korea, where the gall bladders are used…Federal agents uncovered evidence that two dozen bears had also been sent from R-Zoo to Korea via a California broker…and turned up receipts showing the sale of yet-more bears to an exotic-meat dealer. ..Schoebel pleaded guilty to four counts of wildlife infractions and in return received a fine and four years probation.”

Yet still, the Irvine Park Zoo continues to do business with this convicted animal trafficker. What ever happened to the mission of zoos to show dignity to animals, help to conserve them, in a selfless way? This zoo ought to be ashamed of dealing with a convicted, insensitive, self-promoting individual.

What else do we know about Schoebel? According to Green (p. 65), Schoebel supplied animals to Thomas Nichols, a Georgia dealer sentenced to a year in jail for illegal trafficking in animals. He also sells animals at auction (Green, p. 151), which shows no more concern about the animals’ special needs and their fate than does the transfer of the African Grey Parrots to Schoebel’s “care”. Once again, note that selling at auction violates the standards set by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association: “Animals shall not be disposed of at animal auctions.”

Worse still, epidemiologists traced infected prairie dogs to Schoebel. These rodents carried tularemia, a human disease which can cause paralysis or death. Even after he promised not to make any more shipments, Schoebel allegedly (Green, p. 190) sent shipments to Vanderbilt University and two animal dealers, thereby putting more human lives at risk.

But the alleged offenses do not stop there. In an article by Steve Barney (an animal advocacy group), on July 12, 1999, approximately 15 sooty mangabey monkeys died at Soebel’s R-Zoo in Neshkoro, WI, allegedly of electrocution. Mangabeys are protected as an endangered species under international law (including strict regulations on trade). Like African Grey parrots, mangabeys are very social animals.

Assuming that this story is true, how can the Irvine Park Zoo possibly justify doing “business” with such an unscrupulous broker who flaunts violations of the very protection of endangered species which zoos are supposed to vouchsafe? The answer appears to be that they can’t, and that may be why lips are sealed.

More about R-Zoo

  • R Zoo was owned by Mark Schoebel
  • Evidence was gathered by US Fish & Wiildlife that revealed Schoebel supplied bears to the owners of an IL game farm who were charged with shooting the animals, dismembering, and decapitating them. They would pack the carcasses in dry ice and shipped via NY to Korea.
  • Every year he would farm out the babies to Reston Animal Park which led to the Zoos (AZA and others) for their crowd pleasing babies for the visitors to see.
  • He had a relationship with the Irvine Park Zoo in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.
  • Schoebel would arrive at the Irvine Park Zoo to pick up some of the babies of the adults that he had on loan to this Zoo.
  • The US Fish and Wildlife declared for a 2 yr period R Zoo bought 74 bears but sold 132. Where did the other 58 bears come from.
  • Schoebel also owned a fur farm.
  • Schoebel contributed to can shoots whereas the animals are put in a 5 acre pen, hunted and killed.
  • Schoebel took delivery of 1400 prairie dogs which he sent to pet stores and Medical research labs.
  • He claimed he had 8,000 baby animals for sale.
  • He worked with the Racine Zoo and Duluth’s Lake Superior Zoo which are both AZA Zoos.
  • The Wisconsin Zoo protected Schoebel because he would take their aging, unwanted surplus of animals.



Timbavati to replace Riverview Park.

The Timbavati Wildlife Park is moving from Storybook Gardens in Lake Delton to Riverview Park in Wisconsin Dells.

The park, run by Mark Schoebel, will take over some of the Riverview site, except the go-kart tracks and candy store. The Wisconsin Dells City Plan Commission, Wednesday, approved a conditional use permit for Schoebel, who is leasing about 25 acres of the 60-acre park to house animal displays. The motion to approve the conditional use permit passed unanimously, and it goes to council for its approval Monday.

The commission received an e-mail from Inna Larsen, who signed the e-mail, “volunteer with Dane Co Friends of Ferals and Dane Co Humane Society and domestic cat owner.” Larsen asked the commission not to approve the permit, accusing Schoebel of “various violations of animal import and care.” She also said in the e-mail, “We urge you to deny the expansion and pass a city ordinance that would prohibit Timbavati, Kalahari and Chula Vista in showing lion and tiger cubs.”

A letter from Jim Mattei, at Storybook Gardens, where the park has been located, praised Schoebel’s care of the animals and the site.

Schoebel, who participated in the meeting by telephone, said in response to a question by the commission that he had never been fined for violating the animal welfare regulations enforced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and had never lost his license.

Schoebel said only juvenile big cats would be at the wildlife park. Larsen had said in the e-mail that once the cats become adults Schoebel sells them for parts and hunting.

Commissioner Dan Anchor asked what happens to the juvenile cats when they get too big.

Schoebel said they are returned to his farm near Princeton.

Donald Kalberg of Sweetbriar Drive, asked to speak while the commission was discussing the wildlife park. He was given permission to do so by Mayor Helland, although he said Kalberg should have raised his questions during the public hearing.

“My main concern is the safety thing,” Kalberg said. “I don’t want to walk out and find a tiger on my deck.” Other concerns were about odor, the care of the animals, what would be done if an animal got loose and whether someone injured at the park could sue the city. Kalberg said he is not against the park, but is just concerned about safety and the animals. “I am an animal lover myself.”

The commission put six conditions on the permit, and one is providing the city with proof of insurance. Others are to hold a USDA license, be responsible for removing solid waste and ensure that the park has no odor or other nuisances, that it resolve any stormwater issues, that it resolves any unforeseen nuisance problems with neighboring properties and that it and Riverview address any parking issues. The permit approval also specifies that no development be done in a point on the river that is not in the 200 foot conservancy zone that protects the river front.

Schoebel said the animal enclosures would have double gates and comply with USDA regulations. His proposal presented to the commission said the entire area would be enclosed with an 8 foot high fence.

Commissioner Shaun Tofson asked whether the law enforcement has the ability to deal with any escaped animals and would officers receive training.

The Lake Delton Police know who they are and how to get in touch with them, Schoebel said, and Dells Police would be supplied with contacts for the park. “Nobody is more concerned with safety than we are.” He said he is not aware of any training for police and he and his staff have “an array of capture equipment. We would definitely be in the lead.”

As to concerns about odor, Schoebel said the pens are cleaned daily or more often if needed. In the past Veolia has provided a dumpster and disposal of waste.

Schoebel said he plans to remove the waterslides and in his first year will use that area and the area of park up to the wooded area.

In other action, the commission approved a site plan for an addition to the Trapper’s Turn Clubhouse, gave permission to allow a house to be remodeled rather than be torn down and consider changes in the city’s zoning map.

The addition would be 38 feet by 38 feet and would have another bar and addition restaurant seating.

Tanya and Eddie Krause, owners of Amber’s Hideaway at Broadway and Highway 16, received permission to not tear down a house on the motel property. The city had set as a condition on the permit for the remodeling of the motel that the house be torn down.

Public Works Director Mike Horkan, a member of the commission, said he talked with Tanya Krause, pointing out to her that the house is currently not safe or sanitary. To fix it up the floors would have to come out and it would require a lot of work. “I went through it and it and she didn’t bat an eye,” he said.

Horkan said Tanya said she has fallen in love with the architecture of the house and the Krauses intend to remodel it, starting first with the exterior. Then in another year of remodeling would move here and live in the house. He said the couple has done a good job of remodeling the motel and have gone beyond the city’s expectations with their work there.

Helland said the couple has done what they said they were going to do and the city is happy to have them as part of the community.

Assistant Public Works Director Chris Tollaksen presented the commission with a revised zoning map showing the zoning classifications for six areas annexed into the city since 2007, when the current map was adopted. The map also shows the zoning classifications for three areas where zoning changes were made and corrections to two areas were mistakes were made in the making the current map.

One of those areas was around Sweetbriar Drive which was changed to commercial, and Tollaksen said it should be residential.

However, Adam Makowski, who lives on Sweetbriar said he though the area surround the northern part of the street should be commercial.

Tollaksen said he would look at the area again and check with residents there before bringing the map back to the commission at the April 13 meeting.

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Black Jaguar White Tiger

Black Jaguar White Tiger

How can anyone be a follower of Eddie Serio when they see him kick a small cat and mock the cat’s worried owner in this video?

Here is a great article from 2016

This blog is devoted entirely to watching his posts and sharing those that show abuse, or indicate breeding or buying of cubs:

Where do celebrities go to pet cubs?  There are a few backyard breeders in the U.S. but the place that attracts the most, and ignorant celebrities is Black Jaguar White Tiger in Mexico.

You know the public opposes cub breeding and handling when Gizmodo goes after the perpetrators of such cub petting schemes with a vengeance like this article.

This is another well considered article that exposes the lies:

Yahoo Celebrity News understands why it’s wrong:

And bloggers speak out against using cub petting as a way to end cub petting. #BJWT (we had to remove the link to this article because she said she was being threatened and harassed by the BJWT gang.

Artemis Grey calls out Eddie Serio when he tries to act like he’s answering the questions people have, but really isn’t

Black Jaguar White Tiger

We get a lot of questions about Black Jaguar White Tiger, asking if it is a legitimate sanctuary.  We don’t think so for the reasons listed below.

Sadly, it’s starting to become popular among animal lovers, despite their extremely unprofessional practices.  Like not knowing how to bottle feed a cub and having her blow milk out her nose, which leads to pneumonia:

Black Jaguar White Tiger is a newly-founded private “rescue” for big cats, which started about a year or so ago in a wealthy area of Mexico City. It’s owned and operated by a Mr. Eduardo Serio. While he seems to have good intentions, they are paired with some very questionable practices.

Serio appears to “rescue” his animals by buying them from circuses and private zoos, usually as young cubs. Very young cubs.  Cubs that still have a lot of lucrative weeks left in them for the abusers.  This, of course, is a counterproductive strategy in the long run, because it only encourages the bad breeders to keep breeding. He claims to have “saved” over 30 cats in his first year of operation, which is scary. I know he probably wants to “save them all”, but at that rate, things are going to get out of hand very quickly. Unless he has a lot of resources or learns to say “no”, I’m worried it’s going to turn into a hoarding situation. Serio supposedly has 100 acres of land, but the enclosures are already starting to look pretty crowded, if this video is anything to go by.

Serio states that he does not spay or neuter his animals. My best guess for the reason, given his other opinions, is that he probably believes that it is “cruel” to do so because it would deny them the “natural life” he’s trying to provide (some domestic pet owners still believe this). Unsurprisingly, his cats appear to be breeding like rabbits. On July 16, he posted a video on Facebook of a new litter of lion cubs.  In response Serio has said that someday he will use contraceptives, but there are no safe contraceptives for use in big cats.  Any zoo can tell you horror stories (if they are honest with you) about the cancers and other health issues that are caused by using pharmaceutical solutions to over breeding.

If you are running a sanctuary and want the cats to not breed and live long happy, healthy lives, then you spay and neuter.  Doing it when they are younger increases the cat’s ability to survive the procedure and recover, so there is no excuse not to do it, especially if you have males and females living together.

And in this video, a poor lion can’t even eat without having 3 young tigers trying to steal his food (although I don’t know the origin of the tigers – they may have been “rescued” (i.e. bought). Unlike other breeders, however, Serio does not sell cubs because he firmly believes that nobody should “own” an animal. Nobody except him, of course, because he “loves” them. So all of the cubs are just piling up at his ranch and causing serious overcrowding issues. While he does occasionally invite people (especially famous people) to pet them, he hasn’t turned it into a business… yet. He really seems to hate the people who breed cubs for photo props, having “rescued” several malnourished cubs from photo displays. However, his site does mention that he is planning a “volunteer” program, which conjures up images of those places in South Africa where people essentially pay to play with big cats.

Abuse-MinneapolisZoo_TigerCubsBy far, the biggest problem I have with Serio’s new “Foundation” is that it’s constantly churning out photos and videos on Instagram and Facebook. I’m sure you’re well aware of this, but these photos show Serio patting adult lions on the head, “play-wrestling” with tigers, pushing jaguars around in wheelbarrows, hugging lionesses, and other inappropriate (and unsafe) behaviors. He even has videos of exotic cats living peacefully in his house like a pet, which only encourages the pet trade. Serio (and his followers) often refer to the cats as “kids”, and visitors to the ranch are invited to “play” with 500-lb. adult lions – not a good idea.

Serio claims on his website that the reason his cats don’t attack people (and I’m not making this up) is “the bond of pure and innocent love that keeps us living harmoniously among one another”. It’s the very same fantasy that has doomed so many big cats to life as “pets” – people so desperately want to believe that as long as they have “love”, everything will be OK.

Hundreds of the people who have been mauled and killed by captive big cats thought they were special too and thought that their love for their big cat “friends” was all they needed.

Of course, gaggles of well-meaning animal lovers (the same kind who would fall for cub-petting schemes) have nothing but praise for Serio and his “amazing bond.” They think that this is the way a real sanctuary is run, to say nothing of the hundreds who express their wishes for their very own pet big cat, or at least the chance to touch one. An ironic message for Serio to be sending, since he says he doesn’t believe that animals should be property.

We reached out to Serio a year or more before this post, because we thought he was doing himself a huge disservice by posing with cubs. We told him that no animal protection group would accept him or even think him a good person unless he stopped acting in such a hypocritical way. We tried to reason with him and didn’t expose him for a long time because we thought he was just foolish and not trying to be cruel. We could not continue to ignore him though when he began trotting celebrities through and having them pose with cubs because people will stupidly mimic celebrities without thinking about the consequences for the cats. We really tried to be nice and still want him to do the right thing.

Overall, I’d say that Black Jaguar White Tiger is nothing more than an ego project from a well-meaning, but seemingly delusional man. He often posts about the “horrible conditions” his cats came from and about how “happy” they are to live with him – and his followers eat it up, calling him an “angel” and praising him profusely for “saving” the animals. And of course, the celebrity snapshots and cute cub pictures have made him a rising star on Instagram. But I don’t think he’s only in it for the glory – he genuinely seems to think he’s “saving the world” by “rescuing” every circus cub in Mexico.

Sadly, like so many animal hoarders, he can’t see the harm he’s doing. This situation is only going to get worse, I’m afraid, especially with the lack of laws in Mexico regarding exotic animals as pets.

When Big Cat Rescue’s founder and CEO was in Mexico in 2015, Eduardo refused to speak to her or allow her to step foot on the property, because he knows that we do not condone posing with big cats.  What else does he have to hide?

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